a time to shift to a new house

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Hey hey, i’ve changed my blog again. That will be the 4th one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s a new year, so yeah, i couldn’t help it! =P

my New blog!






cheers and merry christmas!

p/s: The previous tumblr blog will be terminated. Thanks


The dream land

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Im back from Shanghai, Wuxi, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hengdian, Yiwu and Suzhou! LOL! Never thought i’ll enjoy myselfย  that much there. Almost cancelled the trip because of h1n1 but im glad we went.ย  I can say it’s one of the best trips i’ve ever went and the best tour group and tour leader we ever had. =) AND it’s really cheap compared to the original price, as we are labelled the VIPs by the China government. It seems they are encouraging tourism in their country now because of the economy crisis (smart way they used too), so they paid some of the fees! We’re literally being treated like kings and queens there, eating like there’s no tomorrow — they are good food too! I think i gained 5 kgs!

Pretty drained out now after the 8 days trip. Couldn’t get used to the hot and humid air here when landed. Now i’m still in a recovery state. Having flu and headache! Hope to get more rest but tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow and also the day after the day after tomorrow is AYPAC Conference 09! I think i was more excited about this before the Shanghai trip. Well, am setting myself back to where i was before i was in the dreamland Shanghai. And now im quite excited for it!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!

I will update about the Shanghai trip after a few more days if i feel like it or have time for it. Love the China’s history. Way lots of interesting stuffs happened even in small towns! I was just totally amazed. A.M.A.Z.E.D.

Anyway, it was really like a dream during the trip. No exams to think of, no need to think about anything else too but to enjoy and receive what they feed me.

Now i need to shake myself awake to the reality of the world in Malaysia. STUDIES! BIO EXPERIMENTS! and ETC….infinity….



Killer novels

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You know something is wrong with you when you’re not bored rereading a series of book.


I don’t think it has anything to do with my patience…?

Maybe I’m just simply a boring person..*pouts*

Sometimes i hate reading novels. It eats up your whole day because you just can’t stop reading it. Besides, everything seems to just stop or doesn’t matter when you indulge in the story. The real world seems distant away as you indulge in the fantasy created by the authors. =(. Even worse if they are ebooks! Your eyes will be bulging out of tiredness staring at the screen!

Still, i can’t stop reading. I’m just glad that i only choose certain books to read, the famous ones or rather bestsellers because i will feel cheated of my time if the story i spend in reading sucks. And usually those bestsellers are expensive, so i will not want to buy them thus saving money altogether. But if i were to buy, i guess i’ll prefer to buy books that can serve as a memory instead. *grins*

Anyway, ramblings aside, i can’t believe its nearing december already. I still haven’t done a lot of things! Feel like burying myself under some rabbit holes for one year. Family decided in the end to go Shanghai. Not really anticipating for it somehow, maybe with the flu that is going about and the cold temperature that is beyond normal and my short holidays(still alot of things to do) and mum is not really in the mood. She’ll be opening the organic shop officially on this coming sunday and its Grand Opening is after our trip. It’s like her dream come true.

Till my next post.


interesting first day? x)

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i’ve been replaying and replaying the song You by Switchfoot..and i don’t know when i’ll stop listening to it! Maybe it pretty suits my mood these few days.

Two days ago, lene called me to hang out with Puan pushpa together with ferlynne and lilian. It was my first time having lunch with a teacher, truly. x) I didn’t think that it would be fun to catch up with teachers, and to know whats the thoughts of ex-teacher regarding the schools etc. I regretted not doing something to bless convent teachers and also the school radically previously.

Yesterday, the lower f6 gave out the miniclips we made to the stpm-ers. Really happy and got encouraged as well when they said they were. =). Though gen told me, it didn’t last even an hour when they clip it!lol! well, we tried our best ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hope this will serve as a sweet memory to them!

I need a GOOD diary planner for next year! Have to start planning on my time. Time has never been enough for me and maybe time has been enough for me except im not really good in managing my time. I guess what’s junk in my life, i shall clean them up pretty soon. Soon! It’s been a comfortable lifestyle to me, my previous one, but i know it won’t do for next year. Next year is pretty an exception. Well, shifting house is always uncomfortable, and i guess shifting my lifestyle will also be an uncomfortable one. I hope i’ll look on forward, that goal, so i can be willing to undergo that process! Anyway still, i will not stop doing what i’m supposed to do and what one of my ultimate purpose in school is. This i will not compromise. God, help me!

I went to school today, or rather i almost went to school. Supposed to help distribute t-shirts to the teachers. Was on the way driving when Sharon called me telling me that she didn’t know that we are already in holiday! haha. my bad too. i didn’t explain to her properly because i thought she is having exam today so i’ll just help them out. Anyway, interesting first day, first morning of holiday. =) …and yeah..i mean it..interesting! haha







.the mist.

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Everyday is a new day.

For after every night, there’ll always be a morning.

When dawn appears, so does mist.

Ready to wash away the dirt on the leaves..


Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love,

for I have put my trust in You.

Show me the way I should go,

for You I lift up my soul.

[Psalm 143:8]

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.Use it.

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I think dreaming of a group of people whom you’ve not met for ages and are missing is a weird thing. But somehow it makes you to taste and guess how the feeling will be like to meet them back again.. hmmph. I hope i will never dream that kind of dream again. =)

On Thursday, me and my family went to watch 2012. Thanks to brother, who went there early in the morning to line up for the tickets, we managed to get it! It’s the first day of the movie eh! So its really hard to get them. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He had been anticipating for the movie since months ago!! Anyway, of course, all of us got disappointment after watching it. It’s not as nice as what we’ve expected it to be though. =) I didn’t get wow-ed by it. Hehe. But well, we had a great time hanging out together.

School is awesome..and i think its getting more awesome. I dared Ian and Wyekit to eat one cricket. Wye Kit declined of course, but when I see Ian’s eyes – that “yes, i WILL” kind of expression, i know he was gonna make it. LOL. Indeed he ate that cricket – video is in FB-. I was just speechless. Anyway, its a pretty fun thing and a memorable one. At least, there’s this “I’ve eaten a cricket before” in his list of achievement to be proud of when he is old..haha! I’m yet to eat a dead and fried one tho..;) Shanghai trip will be cancelled due to h1n1. It’s really a waste, but well, we can’t do anything because it seems the rate of people infected by that virus in China is increasing in a fast rate especially in this winter.

Yesterday, we watched Terminator – the latest one. It’s a pretty cool movie, except i was pretty confused of the future and past thing. Not bad movie, but still, i felt it should go a bit longer. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday too, had a worship practice for Ladies’ seminar. It was pretty fun i would say. :D. Well, i dunno whether i can make it for that guitar, but will try my best. Anyway, it made me recalled back to a lady whom i met in LRT when i was riding it with my college mates. I was holding my guitar, and this lady told me “Learn up your guitar well. Continue to practise with it. You can and will use it to play in church.” I wonder how she knows i’m a Christian.